People are the life of UND. Our features tell the stories of UND’s faculty, staff, alumni, and students. This collection collects UND features published from 2011 - 2015.


Submissions from 2012

Global Visions Film Series: Earth, Marcia Mikulak

Building on the future, Patrick Miller

Oceanographer is No ‘Fish Out of Water’, Patrick Miller

All in the family, Patrick C. Miller

Community Connect: One link leads to another, Patrick C. Miller

Educational camps, courses and events keep campus abuzz, Patrick C. Miller

Matt Greene: Friend, foe and one-time body guard to Zach Parise, Patrick C. Miller

Memorial Day: It’s not just another holiday for new second lieutenant, Patrick C. Miller

One big hockey family, Patrick C. Miller

Putting research into motion, Patrick C. Miller

Social action research in Brazil, Patrick C. Miller

Student leader selected for elite U.S.-Russia exchange program, Patrick C. Miller

Three UND alums playing major roles in NHL Stanley Cup finals, Patrick C. Miller

UND named third-healthiest college in U.S., Patrick C. Miller

UND's Matt Greene dominant in the NHL, Patrick C. Miller

When the body makes a mistake, Patrick C. Miller

‘Continuity of care’ connects physicians to Hettinger, N.D. clinic and hospital, Jan Orvick

In(terning) at the top, Jan Orvik

Students to Compete in FIRST® LEGO® Robotics Championship Tournament, Cheryl Osowski

First UND doctorate in computer science, Juan Pedraza

Global connections, Juan Pedraza

King Calcium, Juan Pedraza

Maestro in the musical classroom, Juan Pedraza

Putting it all out there, Juan Pedraza

Quite an Honor, Juan Pedraza

Scientist discovers how stars form, evolve, and die, Juan Pedraza

UND astronomers webcast rare solar eclipse Sunday, May 20, Juan Pedraza

UND dedicates Gorecki Alumni Center with ‘green’ fanfare, Juan Pedraza

UND launches nation’s first Unmanned Aircraft Systems research compliance committee, Juan Pedraza

‘Work Well’ program promotes culture of wellness at UND, Juan Pedraza

Astrophysicist Tim Young, computer scientist Ron Marsh team up again to deliver Solar event video, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Economics professor shares his view on fiscal cliff, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Grad’s Essential Studies curriculum ‘caps’ a fulfilling academic experience, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Local leaders seize collaborative opportunity with UND and UAS research compliance committee, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Research team develops new bulimia treatment, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Train Wreck: UND professor makes new waves with book about rail disasters, Juan Miguel Pedraza

UND graduates its first doctorate in chemical engineering, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Fueling the power of ‘green’, Juan Pedrazza

Multiculturalism is a two-way street, Juan Pedrazza

Of Loopholes and Black Holes, Juan Pedrazza

Turkish educators visit UND, Jena Pierce

2012 UND Spirit Award winners, Alyssa Shirek

North Dakota Spirit: Students helping students, Alyssa Shirek

Spirit profile: Josh Morton, '96, Alyssa Shirek

Spreading North Dakota Spirit: The Pride of the North band, Alyssa Shirek

Move-in day tips and tricks, Caitlin Slator

Musical connections in youth come full circle, Caitlin Slator

#VALUE!, Jenn Swangler

30 Years of Women Studies at UND, University of North Dakota

Astrophysicist Shares In Major Astronomical Discovery, University of North Dakota

Campus photo wins prospective student 2nd place in national scholarship contest, University of North Dakota

Global Visions Film Series “Transamerica”, University of North Dakota

Homecoming 2012: Get Your Green On, University of North Dakota

Independence Day in Grand Forks, University of North Dakota

Learning on a grander 'SCALE', University of North Dakota

Mobile Vaccine Team: Protecting our campus from influenza, University of North Dakota

New Game in Town, University of North Dakota

The Laramie Project, University of North Dakota

Theratainment a rehabilitation game changer, University of North Dakota

Through with chew, University of North Dakota

Top 10 Stories of 2012, University of North Dakota

UND atmospheric scientist weighs in on huge storm ‘Sandy’, University of North Dakota

UND researchers explore promising antibody technologies, University of North Dakota

Video vanguard, University of North Dakota

"Vikings + UND and Me" Scholarship Recipient: Jacob Greenmyer, University of North Dakota

Watch it again on UND Sports.TV, University of North Dakota

When the Sidewalk Becomes the Classroom, University of North Dakota

Global Visions Film Series: Whaledreamers, Eriverto Vargas and Marcia Mikulak

State-of-the-Art programs, infrastructure quenches thirst for ‘Fuels of the Future’, Derek Walters

Antioxidant may disrupt Alzheimer's disease process, Daphne Watrin

The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler, Robert West

Who Said Rocketry Was Easy?, Tim Young

Submissions from 2011

2011 Cyprus Research Fund Lecture to feature Dr. Kostis Kourelis, William Caraher

Gone Fishing, David L. Dodds

College of Business named one of Best in the West by Princeton Review, Craig Garaas-Johnson

Educator, filmmaker will offer diversity training, Craig Garaas-Johnson

Flying Team wins top honors at regional event, Craig Garaas-Johnson

Interprofessional Health Care Education, Craig Garaas-Johnson

Joan Hawthorne receives national recognition, Craig Garaas-Johnson

Studio One– award-winning internship at UND, Craig Garaas-Johnson

UND again among greenest schools in USA, Craig Garaas-Johnson

UND Student of the Month: Abhishek Goswami, Craig Garaas-Johnson

UND vs. MSU in Flood Fight 2011 exhibition game, Craig Garaas-Johnson

Vikings + "UND and Me", Craig Garaas-Johnson

Global Visions Film Series: Biutiful, Jon Hamlin

Ethical Decisions, Suzanne Irwin

On the flightline at UND, Sean Lee

Field school students to work with Brazil’s indigenous people, Marcia Mikulak

Practice Makes Perfect, Studio One

Geomorphologist and student team head to Antarctica, Juan Pedrazza

Hometown Hero, Milo Smith

10 Years of Presenting Graduate Research & Scholarship at UND, University of North Dakota

2011 Tornadoes Among Worst On Record, University of North Dakota

42nd Annual UND Writers Conference Begins Tuesday, March 29, University of North Dakota

7 Dimensions of Wellness Support Healthy Living, University of North Dakota

Accountancy Intern Helps the Hungry, University of North Dakota

Across the Street or Across the Globe, University of North Dakota

Advanced Engineered Materials Center, University of North Dakota

A Life at the Opera, University of North Dakota

Annual Time-Out Wacipi celebration and events begin April 4 at UND, University of North Dakota