People are the life of UND. Our features tell the stories of UND’s faculty, staff, alumni, and students. This collection collects UND features published from 2011 - 2015.


Submissions from 2014

Historical parallels can offer insights for today’s challenges in the Bakken region, David L. Dodds

International duo forms a unique System Dynamics collaboration, David L. Dodds

Local UND athletes explain the pride they enjoy playing in front of friends and family and fans, David L. Dodds

Meet the Class of 2018, David L. Dodds

Oshie takes Sochi, David L. Dodds

The human side of "the Bakken", David L. Dodds

UND alumni — 12 in all — can hold their heads high after strong Olympic performances, David L. Dodds

UND Baseball goes undefeated against in-state rivals, capped by home victory on rain-soaked Kraft Field, David L. Dodds

UND cuts ribbon for grand opening of One-Stop Student Services Center, David L. Dodds

UND fans filled the Target Center at the NCHC’s inaugural tourney, David L. Dodds

UND football alum, Denver Bronco relishing his team’s Super Bowl run on sport’s biggest stage, David L. Dodds

UND graduates shared commencement spotlight with honored alumnae Karen Nyberg and Linda Pancratz, David L. Dodds

UND is celebrating milestone construction events for Aerospace and the School of Law during Homecoming, David L. Dodds

UND makes 20th trip to the NCAA Frozen Four, David L. Dodds

UND played Texas A&M tough in first round of the NCAA basketball tournament, David L. Dodds

UND Police’s first K-9 officer sworn in; ready to take a bite out of area crime, David L. Dodds

UND’s ‘dynamo dozen’ headed to the Olympic Games, David L. Dodds

UND works with regional VA offices to ensure student veterans are not left behind in the classroom, David L. Dodds

Clothesline Project/Take Back the Night rally gives public non-physical examples of combatting abuse, David L. Dodds and Jordan Cespedes

Associate coach reflects on past season after final home games of the year, David L. Dodds and Kate Menzies

College welcomes inaugural class in DNP program, David L. Dodds and Maridee Shogren

Chemistry graduate student Gerard Dickmu receives 2014 Young Investigator Award, Kortnie Evanson

UND Music's Wesley Lawrence is making an 'absurd medium' a very logical choice among students, Kortnie Evanson

UND sophomore music sensation Will Biernat has garnered more than 100,000 followers on social media, Kortnie Evanson

UND volunteers deploy en mass to rake leaves, wash windows and pick up trash at the 10th Annual Big Event, Kortnie Evanson

2012 UND alumna Kayla LaFrance crowned top nerd on TV reality show, wins $100,000 in the process, Amy Halvorson

Award-winning writer immerses herself in a literary art form that enriches how people view the world, Amy Halvorson

Chilean Juan Luis Marin-Claro guiding others to a second language through signing at long-running UND SIL, Amy Halvorson

Chris Felege breathes new life into biology courses with student-centered approach, Amy Halvorson

Matt Greene becomes the third UND hockey alum to share sport’s most famous trophy with Grand Forks fans, Amy Halvorson

Officer ‘Ben’ a two-year-old yellow lab, and Officer Jose? Solis make up UND police’s first K-9 unit, Amy Halvorson

On Sunday night, about 200 UND women found out which sorority would be their new home on campus, Amy Halvorson

Students and faculty members from Denmark wrapping up a month-long visit to UND to study entrepreneurship, technology at UND, Amy Halvorson

Students in ‘Introduction to University Life’ course head off campus to volunteer their time with RRVCA, Amy Halvorson

Teaching & Learning scholars reflect on recent teacher training mission in Ethiopia, Amy Halvorson

UND art & design professionals work hard to breathe life back into ‘lost, found and rescued’ masterpieces, Amy Halvorson

UND building projects, totaling more than $180 million in public and private support, dot the campus, Amy Halvorson

UND History professor reflects on Independence Day, Amy Halvorson

UND is the first university in the Midwest to sign on to The Partnership for a Healthier America initiative, Amy Halvorson

UND nearing grand opening for academic and financial services hub in Memorial Union, Amy Halvorson

UND on-campus employers value their workers as ‘students first, employees second’, Amy Halvorson

UND senior Jennifer Anklan uses classroom knowledge to excel in the pool, pursue dream career, Amy Halvorson

UND sits on the cutting-edge of 3D printing technology, Amy Halvorson

UND's Kate Menzies wins top honor at national conference, while juggling academics, work, Amy Halvorson

UND students across the country gain experience and get their foot in the door with internship opportunities, Amy Halvorson

UND Student String Quartet plans musical tour of western North Dakota Oct. 3-5, Amy Halvorson

UND student violinist Vinicius Sant’Ana knows the way ? practice and a whole lot more, Amy Halvorson

UND teaming with private-sector developer on possible vaccine for devastating viral disease, Amy Halvorson

UND student draws on personal tragedy to inspire others in new book, Amy Halvorson and Kate Menzies

Series on UND hockey program netting heaps of buzz, Brian Johnson

UND physicist Nuri Oncel looks to ignite a passion for science in prospective students, Brian Johnson

UND breaks ground for $122 million School of Medicine and Health Sciences Building, Peter Johnson and Amy Halvorson

Arming students for success, Kate Menzies

As UND ushers in a new wave of incoming students, the Hansons are continuing their family legacy, Kate Menzies

A UND ROTC Soldier and two Airmen enter the officer ranks at special military ceremonies held Friday, Kate Menzies

Former UND blue-liner trades sticks for bricks by pursuing urban planning master's at alma mater, Kate Menzies

For Presidents Day, UND scholars reflect on significance of 'Honest Abe', Kate Menzies

Living with lemurs, Kate Menzies

McNair Scholar Cole Ward to pursue change with his UND research, Kate Menzies

National and industry leaders share experiences at first-ever UND Women’s Leadership Conference, Kate Menzies

Once again, UND named a 'Green College' by 'Princeton Review', Kate Menzies

Playing with robotics a popular summertime activity for young people at UND, Kate Menzies

Potato Bowl USA week is just one reason to love life around here, but, if you're new, we've got other suggestions, Kate Menzies

Professor David Flynn is jumping at the chance to study this booming state, Kate Menzies

Stores prepare for year's most profitable day of the season, while consumers scope out savings, Kate Menzies

Students rely on financial wellness program for money questions and to alleviate the stress that follows, Kate Menzies

Summer Orientation sessions begin June 5, Kate Menzies

The UND Success Center is a great place to start for students needing a little extra academic assistance, Kate Menzies

Three generations of Isemingers were represented on stage at this year’s spring commencement ceremony, Kate Menzies

UND alumnus returns to alma mater as a featured author at Writers Conference, Kate Menzies

UND community celebrates opening of new Era Bell Thompson Multicultural Center location, Kate Menzies

UND concert choir spreads musical joy across the Caribbean island nation, Kate Menzies

UND Concert Choir wins 2014 American Prize in Choral Excellence, Kate Menzies

UND ensemble among top 25 selected for National Trumpet Competition semifinals March 20-23, Kate Menzies

UND graduate student Rick Thalacker uses high-resolution GIS data to pinpoint soil erosion, Kate Menzies

UND-Grand Cities fete a terrific tuber with a week of activities, including annual Potato Bowl USA parade, Kate Menzies

UND Housing Office plays matchmaker to pair up compatible roommates, Kate Menzies

UND kinesiologist eyes a taekwondo class for research, Kate Menzies

UND launches improved professional development program, Kate Menzies

UND linebacker tackles more than football on his mission toward success in the classroom, Kate Menzies

UND literacy program develops teaching skills while nurturing local youngsters' love for books, Kate Menzies

UND petroleum engineering student explores major and family roots in Norway, Kate Menzies

UND's Forensic Sciences Club puts knowledge of the dead to good use in annual haunted adventure, Kate Menzies

UND's William Martin studies words-of-mouth and how they impact consumer decisions, Kate Menzies

With more than 275 students groups on campus, there’s certainly an organization out there for you, Kate Menzies

Updating a classic, Jan Orvik

511 – A Lifesaver, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Atmospheric Sciences’ faculty secure private funding to probe secrets of thunderstorms near the equator, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Bill Caraher draws parallels between 'punk archeology' finds of the modern past and artifacts of antiquity, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Global media lines up to interview UND's George Bibel following following AirAsia crash, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Jaakko Putkonen takes the classroom to Antarctica in search of climate clues for Earth, beyond, Juan Miguel Pedraza

'Keeping them on the mountain', Juan Miguel Pedraza

Languages professor Paul Worley promotes living oral languages, histories in Latin America, Juan Miguel Pedraza

New UND graduate’s love of numbers and dance leads to well-rounded college education in only three years, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Soon-to-be UND grad and Ted Bibby rides bike year round as a way to keep in shape, brighten mood, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Students far and wide still flock to UND for some of the best aerospace instruction on the planet, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Study: Tell-tale genes linked to eating disorders, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Tiffany Swarmer hopes to use her new degree to be part of a human-crewed roundtrip mission to Mars, Juan Miguel Pedraza

Two-wheeling weather is year round, Juan Miguel Pedraza

UND Atmospheric Sciences team travels across 'tornado alley' to hone forecasting skills, Juan Miguel Pedraza