UND Teaching & Learning student- professor team win back-to-back ‘Best Presentation Awards’ at international conference


Chen Wu

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News Article

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College of Education & Human Development


University of North Dakota Teaching & Learning Ph.D. student Austin Winger, along with UND Chester Fritz Professor Myrna Olson, have been honored with back-to-back Best Presentation Awards in the education track by the Center for Scholastic Inquiry (CSI).

Winger and Olson received the first award in Scottsdale, Ariz., in 2013, at the CSI International Research Conference, and followed it up with a second award last month at the CSI International Research Conference in San Francisco, CA.

The first award was related to Olson and Winger's research on the use of technology by faculty and students at UND. Their research also was published in the Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Education in October. It was titled Students and Faculty Speak Out: When Technology in the College Classroom is Productive or Distractive.

The latest award was for their research on mental health issues among college students in the Midwest. In February, Olson and Winger initiated interviews with faculty members and student affairs personnel at a Midwestern university regarding their experiences with college student mental health issues. Olson and Winger presented a review of this topic and their initial qualitative findings at CSI's April conference.

About the Center for Scholastic Inquiry (CSI)

The Center for Scholastic Inquiry is an international organization committed to serving and saluting professionals and academic researchers who have devoted their training and careers to education, business and the behavioral sciences. The organization publishes three journals that are rigorously juried. Anyone accepted for presentations at their conferences is evaluated by individuals who attended the session. These evaluations are compiled at the close of the conference and awards are given in education, business, and the behavioral sciences. Presenters are also given an opportunity to submit a manuscript to any of the three journals that the organization sponsors.