Law School Alumni Receive Awards at SBAND Annual Meeting

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The State Bar Association of North Dakota held its Annual Meeting in Bismarck, June 12-14, 2013. Several UND School of Law Alumni were recipients of SBAND awards.

Community Service Awards

Anthony Swain Benson, '00 - Northeast Judicial District

Reid Brady, '99 - East Central Judicial District

Joann Ottmar, '79 - Southeast Judicial District

Erica Shively, '08 - South Central Judicial District

Jennifer Grosz, '05 - Southwest Judicial District

John Steinberger, '76 - Northwest Judicial District

Pro Bono Awards

Vanessa Berge, 11

Robert Keogh, '71

Kent Morrow, '78

In addition UND School of Law Alumni were honored for the years of service.

40 Years of Service

W. Jeremy Davis, UND Law School Dean Emeritus

John W. Dwyer

Jonathan T. Garaas

Raymond J. German

Wallace R. Goulet

Donavin L. Grenz

Bruce D. Johnson

Jerome C. Kettleson

Alan L. Lerberg

Walter M. Lipp

R. James Maxson

Robert S. Rau

Murray G. Sagsveen

James M. Sanden

Honorable Allan Schmalenberger

Orell D. Schmitz

50 Years of Service

Honorable Thomas A. Davies

Mr. A William Lucas

Mr. David E. Nething

Mr. William Johnson

Mr. Ronald G. Schmidt

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