UND communication scholar publishes on ‘digital divide’


Jordan Cespedes

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University of North Dakota Professor of Communication Slavka Antonova recently published an article in the Journal of Power, Politics & Governance, an international publication of the American Research Institution for Policy Development.

In the article, titled "Digital divide in global Internet governance: The 'access' issue area," Antonova critically examines the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) – a venue supported by the United Nations, where the future regulatory regime for the global Net is shaped.

The Journal of Power, Politics & Governance is an international peer-reviewed publication.

The digital divide has been routinely defined in terms of the disparities in access to Internet for populations in the affluent West and the impoverished South. In Antonova's paper, it is established that what constitutes "access" to the Internet has been a contested issue at the IGF along the global digital divide.

Antonova is a researcher in Internet Governance, and is a member of the Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet). Her articles have appeared in such academic journals asJournal of Philosophy of International Law (2013),Journal of Global Mass Communication (2012),Regulation and Governance Journal (2011),Journal of Social and Political Studies (2010),Journal of Power (2008),International Journal of Communication Law and Policy (2008) and International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society (2007).