Student Hockey Tickets on Sale


Sean Lee

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University of North Dakota


It’s time for everyone to get excited over another season of Fighting Sioux hockey. To make the process of getting student season tickets easy, UND Athletics has teamed up with Ticketmaster and streamlined the purchase process online.

What you should know

Certain amounts of tickets are designated for each class. Seniors and graduate students have first pick at tickets with 40 percent of all student season tickets designated for them. Thirty percent for juniors, 20 percent for sophomores and 10 percent for freshmen. Any unsold season tickets are later sold as single game tickets.

This year, a separate date and time are set aside for each class level as follows:

  • Class / Year, Date & Time
  • Senior / Graduate Monday, Sept 12 @ 9 p.m.
  • Junior Tuesday, Sept 13 @ 9 p.m.
  • Sophomore Wednesday, Sept 14 @ 9 p.m.
  • Freshman Thursday, Sept 15 @ 9 p.m.

Not sure what class you are in (officially)?

Go to and under “student search,” search for yourself. This classification is based on number of credits completed, not number of years completed.

“Green and White”

On the date and time of your purchase period, go to Ticketmaster’s Green and White account and login with your U-Mail credentials ( Use existing your U-mail password. (If that doesn’t work, try using the address format.)

Don’t get locked out buy guessing your password. If you don’t know it, click the “forgot my password” option and a new one will be generated for you and sent to your U-mail account.

Don’t create a new account, as each student has his account tied to his U-Card. It may be beneficial to practice logging into your Green and White account prior to your purchase date.

The big day

On the date and time designated, login to your Green and White account and select “buy packages.” Select what ticket options you want (Upper Friday/Lower Saturday; Lower Friday/Upper Saturday; Friday only; Saturday only).

Be sure to login from a location with a stable connection. Problems have been encountered in the past with residence hall students flooding the Ticketmaster site all at once, so it might be beneficial to find another connection.

That’s it!

Once purchased, all student season tickets are automatically transferred onto your U-Card. Use your U-Card to get into The Ralph though the student entrance prior to all games.

Ensure your student ID is in working condition and your photo is clearly visible.

Should you want to transfer tickets, go to your Green and White account and under “manage my tickets,” select transfer. Note that student tickets can only be transferred to other students with a valid student ID. A fee will apply to each transfer.