Judge Kermit Bye, '62, to Retire from Federal Bench

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A federal appeals court judge from Fargo is retiring. Judge Kermit Bye has served on the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals for 16 years and maintained his chambers in Fargo. Bye is a native of Hatton, ND. He was a federal prosecutor and senior partner at the Vogel Law Firm before he appointed by President Clinton in 2000. Bye graduated from the University of North Dakota School of Law in 1962.

In September, 2015, Judge Bye took senior status and was honored in a portrait unveiling ceremony. During that ceremony several leaders in the legal community gave tribute to Judge Bye. Chief Judge of the 8th Circuit William Riley expressed that Judge Bye is "respected by the parties that practice in front of us, he's respected by the judges, he's respected by the court staff, and he's respected by everybody that deals with him and knows him. And I am proud of our court, but I'm proud of its members, and Judge Bye is one of the best."

Judge Kermit Bye says his retirement is effective September 1st.