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  • Fall Commencement Activities
    • The Dr. Myrna Haga BSSW Pinning Ceremony took place on Friday, December 18 at the Memorial Union. Dr. Melanie Sage, Director of the BSSW program served as the event’s Master of Ceremonies. Thirteen Undergraduate BSSW students received their social work pin. Speakers included Social Work faculty Bruce Reeves, and BSSW student, Adrienne Legace.
    • Our largest-ever MSW Social Work Hooding Ceremony took place on December 17th in the Memorial Union. Dr. Randy Nedegaard, the Director of the MSW program served as the Master of Ceremonies. Speakers included Dr. Del Quest, Social Work faculty, and students Marisa Gonzalez, Andrea Denke, and Aaron Muir. Forty-three Students graduated in the fall.
  • Dr. Dheeshana Jayasundara and Dr. Randy Nedegaard recently received a federal award to work in partnership with two regional communities to combat domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Adjunct Faculty member Bonita Sharma received CSWE’s Partners in International Education (PIE) Award for her efforts in post-earthquake disaster relief in Nepal as well as her assistance with placing our MSW field student in Nepal (among many other accomplishments).
  • Dr. Yi-Ping Hsieh received a UND SSAC award for her project entitled, “Cultural Comparisons in Parenting of Adolescents, Conflict Resolution Styles, and the Relationships to Aggressive Behaviors in Taiwan and the United States.” Dr. Hsieh has also published her article, “Associations between Child Maltreatment PTSD, and Internet Addiction among Taiwanese Students” in Computers in Human Behavior.
  • Dr. Andrew Quinn was nominated for the Center for Community Engagement’s 2015 Stone Soup Awards for his work in the Grand Forks community (see article).
  • Dr. Dheeshana Jayasundara completed a research project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation entitled, “Peace in the Home,” a program that aimed to support the Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation in preventing domestic violence and reducing its trauma in the Muslim community.
  • CSWE’s international journal for social work education released its first special issue at the conference. Co-edited by Sondra Fogel, Carenlee Barkdull & Bret Weber, it is entitled “Environmental Justice, Green Social Work or Eco Justice.” Their editorial can be found on the following link:

Recent Social Work faculty publications include:

  • Chu. Y. H. & Myers, B. (2016). A Social Work Perspective on the Treatment of Gifted and Talented Students in American Public Schools. School Social Work Journal (In Press).
  • Coleman, D. & Quest, A.D. (2015), Science from evaluation: Testing hypotheses about differential effects on three youth-focused suicide prevention trainings. Social Work in Public Health, 30(2), 117-28, doi: 10.1080/19371918.2014.938397
  • Fogel, S.J., Barkdull, C., & Weber, B. (2015), Joining the Conversation. Social Work Education, 34(5), 467-470, doi: 10.1080/02615479.2015.108562
  • Quinn, A. & Chu, Y. H. Teaching Note – Student Produced Public Service Announcement: An Active Learning Assignment in Social Work Class. Journal of Social Work Education (In Press).
  • Sage, M., & Sele, P. (2015), Reflective Journaling as a Flipped Classroom Technique to Increase Reading and Participation With Social Work Students. Journal of Social Work Education, 51(04), 668–681, doi: 10.1080/10437797.2015.1076274
  • Tsai, M.C., Hsieh, Y. P., Strong, C., & Lin, C.Y.* (2015), Effects of pubertal timing on alcohol and tobacco use in the early adulthood: A longitudinal cohort study in Taiwan. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 36, 376-383.