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A record 3,000 students will descend upon the University of North Dakota for move-in weekend this weekend. In addition to bringing their families, each freshman will most likely haul a carload full of stuff to cram into their new residence halls, creating a flurry of boxes, carts and backbreaking labor on campus.

With record enrollment across the North Dakota University System, UND’s residence halls are filled to capacity, creating an overflow situation.

Chaotic? That’s not what Cindy Spencer, UND’s director of Residence Life & Education thinks. “I see it as a situation, never a problem,” Spencer said. “Our staff are working hard to anticipate the flow of students. We want to give everyone a great experience.”

Helping set that goal is a special team of trained student volunteers who will be on hand to help out those setting up at UND for the first time.

The Hall Orientation Team (“HOT”) will be roaming around campus to help direct students to the right place, as well as to help unload cars and carry luggage up to rooms.

The more than 160 members of HOT will be wearing bright yellow and blue t-shirts. Members of UND housing staff will be in red. Other members of the campus community including ROTC, athletics and the Office of the President will also be on campus, ready to help.

What you should know

Thousands of new students will be moving in at the same time. Expect reasonable delays when checking in. “We treat each student as an individual,” said Cindy Spencer. “When they arrive to their hall, we will sit and greet every student one-on-one.”

Halls open at 9 a.m. and students may check-in anytime until 10 p.m.

Stop, drop and go

“Stop, drop and go” will be used to keep things flowing smoothly. When arriving in Grand Forks, proceed directly your assigned residence hall and pull up to a designated “stop, drop and go” location and unload. After unloading, immediately move your car to an adjacent parking lot to make room for others to unload.

Students should check-in with their residence hall staff located in the lobby of their assigned building to receive their keys.

Be aware of traffic flow modifications as well as restrictions on trailers and large trucks.

Welcome weekend

An entire weekend’s worth of activity is planned for the entire family. Be sure to catch the hypnotist, movie on the lawn, and the family BBQ. (*Please note Friday's magic show is cancelled and the movie on the lawn is moved to 9 p.m.)