UND Geography Forum to focus on Williston’s rapid growth Sept. 23


David L. Dodds

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News Article

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College of Arts & Sciences


The next installment in the University of North Dakota Department of Geography's Forum for Contemporary Geographic Issues will feature Donald Kress, the principal planner for the City of Williston, on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

Mr. Kress will give two presentations. At 1 p.m., in UND’s O’Kelly Hall, Room 157, he will present, "This One's Not in the Textbook: Developing Crew Camp Regulations in Williston," which examines how professional planners are sometimes faced with situations for which is there is no model ordinance or standard best practices. This was the case with the development of regulations for crew camp development and operation in Williston.

At 3 p.m., in the UND Education Building, Room 113, Kress will present, "It Takes A Village to Plan a City: Departmental, Jurisdictional, and Community Collaboration in Land Use Planning in Williston," which describes how, because of the Bakken Oil Boom, the City of Williston rapidly doubled its population and tripled its land area, bringing many challenges to those managing and planning for the city's land use.

All are welcome to attend.