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Memorandum of June 1st, 1949, with Senator William Langer's reply to and acknowledgment of T.W. Strieter's letter of May 17th, 1949. Langer states that his office has sent cables and spoken to other authorities regarding Sandberger's case and that he is surprised that Strieter did not receive acknowledgment from his office.

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Letter from Pastor T. W. Strieter to Senator Langer Regarding Martin Sandberger, Forwarding More Affidavits, May 24, 1949

Letter from Senator Langer to Lt. Gen. Clarence Huebner, Commanding General of U.S. Army, Europe, Conveying Additional Materials Attesting to the Innocence of Martin Sandberger, June 24, 1949

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Martin Sandberger, Nuremberg, Einsatzgruppe, World War II, Death Row

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Supreme Court of the United States

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Martin Sandberger

Memorandum with text from Senator Langer to Pastor T. W. Strieter regarding Martin Sandberger Case, June 1, 1949