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Oil/Water Exchange Portfolio, Art & Design Study Collection

This print is part of a portfolio of artworks addressing the use or misuse of our natural resources. Whether dealing with issues of flooding and diversion in the Red River Valley or oil development and fracking on the Bakken Oil Formation, printmaking students and faculty from Concordia College, Minnesota State University Moorhead, Minot State University, North Dakota State University, the University of Manitoba, the University of North Dakota and Valley City State University tackle challenging issues through the fascinating medium of printmaking.




Gorecki Alumni Center

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Artist Statement:

Our society has based itself around material objects and the desire to want more. A main element that is behind this driving force is oil. More and more things are being produced using large amounts of oil to run them. Many of these items are excessively large and consume more than they put out. It is things like these that are tearing down our society. Between the expensive real price, extreme damage done to the environment, and lost lives, oil needs to be reconsidered. Our fixation on this black liquid has clouded our vision of what we really need in this world. There are thousands of people that go days without clean water, but you don't see anyone killing for that blue liquid. If we focused on the uses and needs of water as much as oil many of our worldly problems could be solved. Clean, efficient, renewable energy with the power to physically save lives should be our main focus. We need to realize what we need is much more important than what we want.