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This letter, dated July 2, 1949 from North Dakota Governor Fred G. Aandahl to United States (US) Representative Roy W. Wier concerns legislation relating to the Garrison Dam pool level. The letter notes that page 3396 of the March 29 Congressional Record for the House, Wier is recorded as having voted for the Lemke-Burdick amendment limiting the Garrison Dam pool level to 1,830 feet. The letter states that as Governor and as a member of the Missouri Basin Inter-Agency Committee and the North Dakota State Water Commission, Aahndal has always supported a pool level of 1,850 feet. The letter states that this pool level is in the best interests of the state as it will be cost effective, have greater capacity for irrigation and flood control, provide more power, and be a permanent improvement. The letter also states that projected damage to upstream areas has been overstated and that although land powers should be compensated, their losses cannot stand in the way of "area-wide improvement." The letter concludes by asking Wier to support a pool level of 1,850 when it comes up again in the US House.

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pool level, pool height, water height, water level, flood height, flood level, State Water Commission of North Dakota, flooding, flood protections, land acquisition, Garrison Dam, Garrison Reservoir, Garrison Diversion, Lemke-Burdick Amendment

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State Water Commission of North Dakota, Missouri Basin Inter-Agency Committee

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Roy W Wier, Fred G Aandahl

Letter from Governor Aandahl to Roy Wier Regarding Garrison Dam Pool Level Legislation, July 2, 1949