Why Did Homo Sapiens Evolve Into Artists?


Why Did Homo Sapiens Evolve Into Artists?



Many people regard art as a luxury. They think of it as fancy paintings, abstract installations, or the fashion that changes every few months. What few of us ever attend to is that fact that art is as old as humanity itself. It started with homo sapiens and developed alongside every other human ability. This episode of Why? Radio looks at art from an evolutionary perspective and ask what necessary purpose it served.

Host Jack Russell Weinstein says, “I learned so much from this episode, but more than that it surprised me…because everything Val said simply made sense. Philosophy rarely gives us clearcut answers. Evolution, however, is a very understandable science.”

Valerius Geist is Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science, Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary. He is the author of more than a dozen books, a specialist on the biology, behavior, and social dynamics of North American large mammals. He is also a champion of ethical hunting and a wildlife artist.


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Why Did Homo Sapiens Evolve Into Artists?