Is the law consistent?


Is the law consistent?



It seems like Congress can do something one day, but not the same thing the day after. It often feels like the law is only about loopholes rather than a tool for everyday people. Are we wrong to think these things? Are we mistaken when we view legislation as a willy-nilly collection of self-interested victories from politicians with no true vision of justice? On this episode of Why?, we ask these questions and more, exploring the philosophy of law and it’s overlap will real-world legal decisions.

P. Andrew Torrez is a founding partner at the Law Offices of P. Andrew Torrez LLC., which focuses on business law. He is the host of the popular podcast Opening Arguments during which he explores the legal background of our contemporary political controversies, and the newer podcast Clean-up on Aisle 45, which reports on the Current Department of Justice’s attempt to roll-back actions made by the Trump administration.

The book Jack referenced during the discussion about the history of gun rights is The Second Amendment: A Biography, by Michael Waldman. You can find it on Amazon here. The interview with Jack on Fox News radio that inspired a backlash because of the meaning of protected classes is here.


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Is the law consistent?