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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


It has been a tenet in healthcare of keeping families standing by in waiting rooms

while healthcare professionals care for their loved one. The issue of Family Presence

during the administering of life saving efforts is a topic that is coming to the forefront of

the healthcare industry and its professionals. Only five percent of the nation's critical care

nurses work on units that have a written policy regarding Family Presence. Family

presence is an outgrowth of family-centered care. This project is concerned with

increasing awareness of Family Presence during Resuscitation to committees in charge of

policy change and the staff at a local North-central healthcare facility in North Dakota. A

presentation was given to the Code Blue Committee which provided the. groundwork for

a proposal for policy implementation. A draft policy was included to provide discussion

on the recommended guidelines outlined by the Emergency Nurses Association. A poster

presentation was given to the staff of the Emergency Trauma Center and the Intensive

Care Unit outlining important points regarding family presence and how the facility's

mission, vision and values support family presence