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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


Sepsis is the leading cause of death in hospitals in the United States. Case fatality rate has remained between 30% - 50% for the past three decades. Furthennore, survivors of sepsis and septic shock are observed to have a higher 6- and 12-month mortality rate and a significantly lower health-related quality of life. Sepsis is characterized by an infection with a systemic inflammatory response and can have devastating consequences if not recognized and treated early. In the demanding environment of nursing education today, instruction on fundamental infonnation related to the clinical picture of sepsis is provided. However, considering the potentially detrimental effects of the condition and the fact that all nurses will encounter some type of infection that could escalate to sepsis, a more comprehensive module needed to be instituted in pre-licensure programs. Furthermore, sepsis bundles have the ability to expedite and streamline the treatment process, yet little information on the effectiveness of bundles is taught to nursing students at this time. A thorough, combined online and didactic module on sepsis identification and management was created to prepare student nurses for this lifethreatening condition. Through the use ofBandura's Social Cognitive Theory, this Independent Study, through a learning module, addressed early recognition of sepsis, immediate treatment, and continuing management. The teaching methodologies this module included were: an online component, class discussion, lecture, and group poster presentations. Assessment strategies included a true/false quiz, case study worksheet, and poster presentations. Finally, evaluation was performed through the use of an exam. Ensuring the competent response of the future nursing workforce to the clinical picture of sepsis will go far in improving patient morbidity and mortality