Rebekah Aakre

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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


Gout is a complex form of arthritis and is commonly seen and treated by the primary care provider. When a swollen, red, inflamed metatarsophalangeal joint is seen on exam it is easy to jump to the conclusion of a diagnosis of gout. A single clinical finding of gout is not enough information to diagnose gout. It is important to know what type of fluid is causing the inflamed joint in order to treat it appropriately. A literature search was conducted using the Harley French Library at the University of North Dakota. The author began the search by using two of the most familiar lite rapture d a taxbases in health sciences, Medline (PubMed) and CINAHL. The search was narrowed by using Medical Subject I-leadings (MeSH) terms, limiting the search to RCTs, meta-analysis, sys thematic reviews, and elates of publication within the last eight years. The MeSI-1 search included the the terms "gout and synovial fluid." The literature continues to affirm that a synovial joint aspiration is the gold standard for diagnosing gout. It is an immediate procedure that primary care providers should be performing if gout is suspected and can be used to diagnose gout during the intercortical period of the disease.