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Master of Science (MS)


Education, Health & Behavior Studies


The pumose of this Investigation was to relate selected strength tests to weight changes of high school varsity vrestiers during the competitive season and after termination of wrestling tralnin •

Si, Jit i.l(m school varsity wrestlers were used as subjects. The subjects were tested Just before the wrestling season began, twice during the season, and once following tLo ter si nation of the wrestling season*

The strength teats used were the hack lift, leg lift, elbow flexion, and the shoulder bar dip* The back lift and leg lift were tested with the dynamometer* '■'I’-ovv flexion was tested by us© of a cable tensiometer, fhe shoulder strength worn tested by dips on the parallel bars. All rm scores vmro converted Into ffnit strength, which was accomplished by dividing the recorded raw strength score in ounds by the weight of the individual subject*

It was found that Unit Strength of high school wrestlers does significantly Increase during tie competitive season. After four weeks of wrestling trainin,;; the elbow flexor, and shoulders showed a significant increase 1 ;■ Unit -itrenatb* *fter ten »wto of wrestling-training all miacle. groups showed a significant increase In Unit strength except the right olbow flexors. Comparing the post.soaeon tests wit;, the pre-season tests, significant increases in Unit Strength were evident in all except the shoulder bar dip* The. shoulder rusnles had Increased significantly in.Unit Strength after four and ten weeks of wrestling training* unit Strength scores were highest on the post-season tests, but when compared with weight gain, the strength increases, after the termination of wrestling conditioning and activity, were found to be in a 1 ;nif leant,

On the basis of the findings of this study, it was concluded that significant Unit strength increases wore evident for each muscle group teated during the oo lootitive wrestling season. It was ala-; concluded that when accompanied by adequate physical conditioning, strength gain is mot dependent upon weight changes within moderate limits* Another conclusion was that a high school wrestler Can increase strength pound for pound when allowed to maintain actual normal weight, or If allowed to -nin moderately within limits imposed by ’rmesota High school regular ions* The final conclusion was that a coach has no justification in cutting the weight of a maturing boy unless it cun be proven that normal growth and development are not .t;inhered*