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Master of Arts (MA)


Political Science & Public Administration


Unlike other Latin American nations, the Mexican armed forces have not resorted to a coup d'etat in the last fifty years, and at the same time have maintained a strong influence in the affairs of the nation.

In this thesis, the writer has tried to explain reasons why the Mexican military has not found it necessary to try to overthrow the government.

The procedure used was to collect and analyze data on the Mexican armed forces, military, and non-military functions and roles to determine reasons for this situation in Mexico. The writer experienced great difficulty in collecting data, nevertheless, in the writer's opinion a sufficient amount of data was obtained.

The result of this research allowed for the presentation of five reasons as a possible explanation for this military situation in Mexico. These reasons are: (1) the armed forces' close relationship with the president of Mexico, (2) their involvement in military-civic-action programs, (3) the military's involvement as an interest group, (4) the military philosophy of the Mexican armed forces, and (5) the favorable economic climate that exists in Mexico.

The conclusion of this writer is that these five reasons explain why the Mexican military maintains a strong influence in the nation and has had no reason to attempt a coup d'etat.