Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Petroleum Engineering

First Advisor

Kegang Ling


Hydrate formation and deposition is an inherent problem in the gas production industry. It causes plugging in pipelines and damages to equipment such as pumps and separators. The safest and most cost-effective strategy in preventing hydrate formation is predicting their formation temperature or pressure. This study involves the development of an empirical model to calculate the hydrate formation temperature by carrying out nonlinear regression on 460 experimental data points using MATLAB software. The values were compared to five other reputable models. The model showed superior accuracy in calculating the reference experimental temperature over the other models. Also, the model produced the lowest Average Relative Deviation and Average Absolute Deviation from experimental values, having an accuracy ranking of 1 to 3 across the range of specific gas gravities. The model showed reliable accuracy predicting the hydrate formation temperature of The Bakken gas when compared to the Katz gas gravity chart.