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Master of Science (MS)


Political Science & Public Administration


The 1966 Republican Campaign in North Dakota discusses the efforts of the Party from May, 1965 through November, 1966. The pre-convention period illustrates the effort of the North Dakota Republicans to rebuild their organization after the 1964 defeat. Analysis of this effort is made with regard to finances, organization, and research.

The study then discusses the 1966 state convention, the rise of youth in the Party organization, background and insight into all the races, and a complete tabulation of all ballots. Special emphasis is placed on the problem of the John Birch Society and on how that problem was resolved by the Party.

The chapter on the primary campaign analyzes the Party's management of the races for Labor Commissioner and Public Service Commissioner. The races of Tom Kleppe against conservative Martin Vaaler in the west and Richard Larsen in Grand Forks are especially noted. The difficulty of organizational adjustment to reapportionment is also discussed here. A complete breakdown of all winners is listed--including all precinct committeemen.

The final chapter gives a first hand description of the November campaign. Results of all campaigns for all offices are given. The study is comprised almost entirely of original research obtained from first hand interviews through involvement in and cooperation with the North Dakota Republican Party.