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Physical Therapy

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Mark Romanick


Dermatomyositis, skilled nursing facility, functional training, Physical therapy


Background and Purpose: Dermatomyositis is a disease of unknown origin that results in skin rashes and muscle wasting that can lead to significant respiratory issues and loss of function. This case report describes the response following functional training in a bedridden patient who recently reported to a skilled nursing facility.

Case Description: The patient was a 78-year-old male who was previously diagnosed with dermatomyositis that rapidly progressed after being hospitalized for over 4 months. The patient had a complicated past medical history and a difficult socioeconomic background.

Intervention: The plan of care was focused around promoting independence with transfers and building tolerance with standing and walking to be able to achieve the patient’s goal of returning home safely.

Outcomes: During his time at the facility he showed great improvements in range of motion, strength, functional mobility, and exercise tolerance.

Discussion: The patient was responding positively to the treatments being provided before his sudden discharge from the skilled nursing facility. Ultimately not all of his goals were able to be met before discharge. Dermatomyositis continues to be a difficult condition to manage.