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• The safety and toxicity profile of benzimidazoles will be assessed within a population of patients currently diagnosed with various types of cancer to determine if this class of medications could be implemented along with current cancer treatment regimens to increase efficacy and tolerance. • Databases of CINAHL, ClinicalKey, and PubMed were searched with the keywords mentioned below. Studies include those after the year 2000, and those focusing on the use of benzimidazoles on human cancer cells and tissue, case studies, or all phases of clinical trials. Excluded were those using non-human study subjects, those before the year 2000, and those not applicable based on a population not being those with cancer resulting in 11 applicable studies available for this review. • Benzimidazole’s use in those with cancer is in its early stages of research. Many of these early-stage trials showed promise that benzimidazoles may have a place in these populations with possibly less severe side effects than conventional cancer treatments. • Additionally, safety and toxicity properties among those with cancer appeared to be similar to their use in those with helminth infections. Larger-scale clinical trials will be necessary to further understand the role benzimidazoles may have as antineoplastic agents.


Physician Assistant Studies

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Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS)

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Kauffman, Russell

Publication Date

Spring 2023


benzimidazoles, albendazole, mebendazole, flubendazole, adjuvant therapy, anticancer, antitumor, and drug repositioning.


Medicine and Health Sciences

Benzimidazole Adjuvant Therapy: A Review of Efficacy and Safety in Patients with Cancer