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Natural family planning methods provide women with an opportunity to use natural methods to plan pregnancy. This is done through daily monitoring of symptoms and biomarker fluctuation in accordance with hormonal changes throughout the menstrual cycle to identify the fertile window. Through the identification of the fertile window and ovulation, one can determine appropriate days for sexual intercourse. This format allows participants to develop a greater understanding and in-depth knowledge of reproductive health to avoid or achieve pregnancy. The use of natural family planning has greatly increased over the last two decades, growing the demand for clinical practice in applicability and assurance of the efficacy of the methods as a reliable alternative to common clinical practices such as hormonal contraceptives.


Physician Assistant Studies

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Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS)

First Advisor

Kauffman, Russell

Publication Date

Spring 2023


natural family planning (NFP), fertility awareness-based methods (FABMs), symptothermal method, natural family planning applications, Marquette method, hormonal contraception


Medicine and Health Sciences

Is Natural Family Planning an Effective Alternative to Hormonal Contraception