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the youth population have remained largely unclear  Depression is common in children and adolescents  Screen use is readily available and frequently used by children and adolescents  This literature review was conducted to evaluate current literature regarding depression in the youth population, to include differences between sexes, across ages, and amongst different types of screen use  Results demonstrate that an association between screen use and depression in the youth population does exist, particularly cross sectionally  A causative or reciprocal relationship may be present, however, if it is present, it is quite minor  Girls tend to use more screens than boys  Keywords: screen time, screen use, depression, children, adolescent, adolescents, social media, mental disorders, mental health, depressive disorder, youth, screen media, digital media.


Physician Assistant Studies

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Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS)

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Andvik, Vicki

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Spring 2023


Medicine and Health Sciences

Associations Between Screen Use and Depression in Youth