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Medication is commonly prescribed for the treatment of depression, but some patients have difficulty finding a medication that is both effective and tolerable while others prefer to avoid medications all together. It has been suggested that dietary modification may reduce the depressive symptoms. As lifestyle changes may be difficult to maintain long term, determining specific foods to avoid for individual patients may improve adherence. A meta-analysis of 10 articles was performed. Articles were found using the electronic search databases PubMed and PsychInfo. Many studies found correlations between biomarkers and the prediction, diagnosis, or treatment of depression, though no study suggested specific guidelines for these purposes. Connections between food intolerance and depression were observed, but not enough data was found to evaluate whether the avoidance of food intolerances reduces depression symptoms when compared to anti-depressant medications.


Physician Assistant Studies

Publication Date

Spring 2023


Medicine and Health Sciences

Food Intolerance in Patients with Depression