UND Student String Quartet presents Spring Recital March 29


David L. Dodds

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News Article

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College of Arts & Sciences


What : University of North Dakota Student String Quartet Spring Recital

When : 7 p.m., Sunday, March 29

Where : Hopper Danley Spiritual Center on the UND campus


The UND Student String Quartet will perform for the public March 29 at its annual Spring Recital held in the Hopper Danley Spiritual Center. This event concludes the fifth season for the String Quartet, with the Spring Recital performance presenting a sample of its best work during the year.

"This year the quartet moved on to a new phase, with the addition of two new members, and the first West North Dakota tour,” says Alejandro Drago, the UND Student String Quartet Director. “These students form a uniquely congenial group, and it has been a pleasure to witness and nurture their growth these last two semesters."

The Spring Recital is an opportunity for the UND Student String Quartet to showcase their work to the Grand Forks community. The public is invited to enjoy the free performance at the Hopper Danley Spiritual Center, on the UND Campus

"Music-making in small ensembles, also called chamber music, is regarded as the most subtle and educational music practice for a professional or aspiring professional, and within chamber music, string quartet playing is unanimously considered its most challenging and deepest form,” says Drago.

This year’s performance will include Johannes Brahms’ String Quartet No. 1 in C minor op. 51, and one of Mozart’s most famous quartets, String Quartet No.19 in C major, K.465, nicknamed Dissonance. Both pieces are a challenge, even for accomplished players like those in the string quartet.

“From the string quartet repertoire, the UND Student String Quartet will be tackling two of its most accomplished pieces, composed by two of the geniuses who shaped our perception and understanding of Western Music,” says Drago. “Talk about a challenge! Countless hours of individual preparation, group rehearsal and coaching go into a project like this. I’m glad the UND community will get to appreciate and enjoy the results of such a tour-de-force!"

Members of the UND Student String Quartet (2014-2015) include: Carlos Breña, first chair violin; Vinicius Sant'Ana, second violin; Lihue Czackis, viola; and Kara Hartten, cello. Founded in 2009, the University of North Dakota Student String Quartet is the flagship ensemble of the Strings Division of the UND Department of Music. The students with the UND Student String Quartet are supported through a special scholarship program funded by the UND Department of Music, the School of Graduate Studies, the College of Arts & Sciences and generous donors.