Law Student Kylie Oversen selected as ND's New Democratic Chairwoman

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A North Dakota politician becomes one of the youngest state chairs of her party in the country.

26-year-old Rep. Kylie Oversen from Grand Forks, was recently announced as the state's new Democratic chairwoman.

She succeeds Bob Valeu who served as chairman since 2013.

Oversen says many members of the party have been around for a long time and continue to do things the same way.

She sees a need for new blood, along with a change in the North Dakota political process.

"I think the second focus overall will be on our legislative races. As a party, we have always paid attention to our state Rep races and we will continue to do that, and allocate resources to those candidates. But our larger focus needs to be on getting more democrats into the legislature and balancing out state government so that we have a more valuable say in policy making," says Rep. Kylie Oversen. She says she is anxious to learn as much as she can about the new position.

Oversen is a 2L student at UND School of Law.