UND Theatre Arts to perform ‘The Glory of Living,’ a provocative drama, Feb. 24-28


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UND Theatre Arts to perform ‘The Glory of Living,’ a provocative drama, Feb. 24-28

University of North Dakota Theatre will perform The Glory of Living, Rebecca Gilman’s provocative drama, from Feb. 24-28, at 7:30 p.m., in the Burtness Lab Theatre on campus.

For tickets, contact the UND Box Office, which is open 3-6 p.m., and may be reached at 701.777.2587.

The Glory of Living is for mature audiences only, due to nudity, language and adult themes.

About ‘The Glory of Living’:

Set in the rural south, the play focuses on Lisa, a young woman wooed away from her unhappy home life by Clint, a charismatic car thief. Their bad romance takes a dark twist when Lisa procures young women for Clint and brings them back to the motel room where they are held captive and assaulted. An emotionally stunted Lisa murders and buries their victims, but later calls the authorities to reveal the locations of the missing girls’ bodies. Once in the criminal justice system, Lisa and those around her struggle to define and defend her humanity.

A finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, Gilman’s riveting play is based on a true story of murder and sexual violence. Gilman’s compassionate play asks us to take a long, hard look at the monsters we make, and the responsibilities we have to one another.

Production Information:

Director: Darin Kerr

Stage Manager: Julia Amundson

Set Design: Brad Reissig

Costume Design: Michelle Davidson Spencer

Sound Design: Loren Leipold

Projection Design: Tim O’Neal

Fight Choreography: Ali Angelone

Assistant Stage Manager: Joe Picardi


Lisa: Rachel Perry

Clint: Daniel Johnson

Carl: Nick McConnell

Carol: Alivia Holkesvig

Police/Hugh/Guard: Chris Fixen

Girl: Ashley Restemayer

Angie: Claire Wehry

Steve: Caleb Van Ornum

Jeanette/Transcriber: Jacqueline DeGraff

Jim/Police/Burrows: Brandon Wetch