UND Law Expands Offerings for Students & Alumni Studying for the Bar

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The UND School of Law has recently undertaken a number of initiatives to support our graduates in taking the bar examination. In May and December of 2014, we offered eight hour Kickstarter programs to help graduates get a jump on their bar studies. Materials and audio recordings of the proceedings were posted for the spring session at http://law.und.edu/bar-passage/kickstart-spring-2014.cfm and at http://law.und.edu/bar-passage/kickstart.cfm for the fall program.

This semester, for the first time, we are offering a for-credit course on Reading, Writing, and Analysis Skills for the Bar Exam, in which a significant portion of our third year class is enrolled. The following is a description of the course:

Reading, Writing, and Analysis Skills for the Bar Exam This course involves preparation of students for the bar review and exam process with a focus on improving reading, writing, and analysis skills to approach and do well on practice bar exam questions, including essay, multiple-choice, and performance questions. The course will cover a few specific topics tested on the bar exam with additional emphasis on refining memorization skills and learning how to self-assess understanding of concepts. The course is NOT intended to be a comprehensive review of the black letter law covered in law school, or a substitute for a commercial bar preparation course and dedicated study in the time period immediately preceding the bar. It is open to 40 third year law students and will be graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis. The principal assessed assignments will be regular in and out of class exercises, practice examination questions, and a timed "mini- bar exam" to be administered during the final examination period. and the class will adhere to a strict attendance policy. The course fulfills the Level II Skills requirement.

Additionally, the PowerPoints for this course are available to UND School of Law graduates who are preparing for the bar exam. Please contact Professor Kirsten Dauphinais at dauphinais@law.und.edu if you are interested in receiving these.

Finally, Professor Dauphinais, as our new Director of Bar Passage and Academic Success, is available to all UND Law School graduates for assistance and support in their bar preparation process. She can be reached at (701) 777-6396.