UND Law Clinic Students Provide Assistance to Clients

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During the 2014 Fall Semester UND Law Clinic students provided representation to clients in two cases.

Housing and Employment Discrimination section members, Janie Schroeder, Anders Odegaard, and Shay O’Brien went to trial on a landlord/tenant case. They were successfully in recovering their clients’ security deposit, plus treble damages. The students effectively presented witness testimony and documentary evidence that, together with the arguments in their trial brief, secured a victory for their clients.

Immigrant Rights section members, Sydney Kaminski, Kari Losee, and Ella Rawls represented a detained asylum-seeker seeking safety in the U.S. after drug cartels targeted his family. Working with witnesses in the U.S. and abroad, they documented his eligibility for relief in preparation for a hearing before the Bloomington Immigration Court.