Quiet Zone Construction Update

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University of North Dakota


Several questions have been asked in recent days regarding the work currently being done by the intersection of University Avenue and North 42nd Street.

Specifically, persons are asking why the concrete median that was just installed has been torn back out.


The City of Grand Forks has added several concrete medians at intersections of key roadways and main railroad lines. The improvements are part of a “Quiet Zone” project Grand Forks has been working toward for the past few years. Once complete, the “Quiet Zone” improvements will enable trains to pass through Grand Forks without sounding train whistles as much as they had prior to the improvements.

An error was made with regard to the “Quiet Zone” improvement median at the intersection of University Avenue and North 42nd Street. Regrettably, the initial median installed was too wide to accommodate the traffic lanes that had previously existed.

A solution was developed and discussed with UND Facilities, Police, and Safety representatives. The solution involves relocating the bike lane that currently exists on the south side of University Avenue onto the south berm. The bike path will return to University Avenue about a half-block east. The median will be replaced with one that is narrower and there will be no net loss in traffic lanes.

At the same time, a much needed sidewalk connecting the area from Tulane Drive to North 42nd Street will be installed. The sidewalk and bike path will be a common path in the area of the intersection of University Avenue and North 42nd Street, just like on the north side of the street. UND and the City are cost sharing the sidewalk, although the “Quiet Zone” improvements are not UND-funded.