About 200 area high school students expected for UND’s annual Physics Day on Wednesday, Nov. 12


Amy Halvorson

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College of Arts & Sciences


What: University of North Dakota Physics Day

Who: About 200 high school juniors and seniors from regional schools, including Grand Forks Red River, East Grand Forks Senior High, Fargo Davies, Fargo Shanley, Devils Lake, Thompson, Larimore, MayPortCG, Starkweather, Northern Cass, Turtle Mountain, Hankinson and Powers Lake.

When: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 12

Where: UND Memorial Union Ballroom


About 200 high school juniors and seniors from across North Dakota, and East Grand Forks Senior High, will participate in this year's UND Physics Day, an annual outreach event hosted by UND's Department of Physics and Astrophysics. The faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students will be conducting various presentations, demonstrations and hands-on activities.

The demonstrations include the use of a Tesla coil, an electrostatic generator, flying screwdrivers, jumping coils, a Rubens' flame tube, a superconducting maglev train and rail guns, to name just a few things.

Students also will get a chance to take a "tour of the Universe" through a planetarium show, attend a presentation on Dark Matter and Dark Energy and hear information about UND's Frozen Fury Rocket Club.