Bill Gross, UND alum and Founder of Farm Rescue, to speak on campus Wednesday Nov. 5


David L. Dodds

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College of Arts & Sciences


What: University of North Dakota College of Arts & Sciences presents "Creating Avenues of Goodness in a World of Detours" with special guest Bill Gross

Who: Bill Gross, UND alumnus, North Dakota native and founder and president of Farm Rescue, a leading nonprofit that helps farmers in need

When: 7:30 p.m., presentation followed by a reception

Where: Gransberg Room of the Gorecki Alumni Center on the UND campus


Bill Gross is a man who's made a living soaring through the clouds, but he's always done it with his feet rooted firmly in the ground.

Born and raised in North Dakota, Gross grew up on the family farm near Cleveland in Stutsman County . There he learned all about the risk, the adversity and the struggles that come with making a living off the land.

With a dream to fly, Gross eventually enrolled in the UND Aerospace program, and also became very active in the campus community. A skilled pilot while still a student, he often was chosen to fly the UND president at the time back and forth from important meetings in Bismarck. The shuttle flights doubled as approved training runs for Gross.

After graduating from UND's John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences, Gross started flying professionally in Seattle. While in the Pacific Northwest, he never forgot about his North Dakota farming roots. In 2005, those fond memories spawned an idea that would allow Gross to help farmers who suffered unexpected challenges in their lives and that prevented them from earning a living. That's when the idea took hold to form Farm Rescue, a nationwide nonprofit organization that assists farmers in need.

Farm Rescue helps farm families who experience illnesses, injuries or natural disasters that keep them from planting, haying or harvesting their crops in a timely manner.

Gross, the founder and president of Farm Rescue, will be coming back to his alma mater on Wednesday, Nov. 5, to talk about this life, his career and his desire to help others. His presentation, titled "Creating Avenues of Goodness in a World of Detours, is set for 7:30 p.m. in the Gransberg Room of the Gorecki Alumni Center on the UND campus. This event, hosted by the UND College of Arts & Sciences, is free and open to the public.

A reception will follow Gross's presentation in the Kratt Lobby of the Gorecki Alumni Center.

In his presentation, Gross also will talk about his background and up-bringing in North Dakota, and how "the detours of his life" led him to become the founder of Farm Rescue. The lecture also will address nonprofit organizations, their importance and how he gives back through his own organization.