Summer Art Camp


Evan Boucher

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University of North Dakota


The summer brings out a variety of camps. None are quite as visual as baseball or as exciting as hockey. Still, other camps have grown to develop children’s art, technological and intellectual skills. The North Dakota Museum of Art has been sponsoring art camps for elementary and middle school children for years. The program has included ceramics, paper mache, and painting.

Instructor of the paper mache camps during July’s NDMOA camp, Guillermo Guardia, provided insight into the program, which only recently switched to paper mache over ceramics exclusively, the favorite for the past two years. “This is my third year [with the program]. The week goes very fast. Last year we made some clay. Most of them are from

The art camp program is a sign of growing interest in the arts in the Grand Forks area. While the NDMOA Concert Series continues to draw large numbers, a number of new galleries have opened in Grand Forks in the last few years. Additional centers have also opened, including the Muddy Waters Clay Center, which is a production area, gallery and educational center for ceramic art. Even more, Grand Forks has seen growth in photography studios and freelance photographers, both of which have been aided by internet social media programs like Facebook and Flickr.

In addition to being an experienced camp instructor, Guardia is also the artist in residence at the NDMOA. He discussed the program’s activities where, “each kid made a wand. On Wednesday, I showed them how to use the potting wheel … we didn’t fire them because we didn’t have time. Each kid made one and brought them home.”

While the camp itself may be over, the skills learned by the participants will inspire and fuel the artists of tomorrow. Even as budget cuts target arts education in public schools, it is clear that the arts will continue to grow in the Grand Forks region.

“Before I worked for the museum, I did a couple of camps and they were always fun. It’s always fun to work with kids and the week goes fast,”said Guardia.