Tribute to Dr. Light


Val Krogstad

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News Article

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College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines


Val Krogstad, an employee in the Advanced Public Health Program in the Department of Nursing, composed a tribute to Dr. Light for his leadership during the 2013-2014 Fiscal Year. Val often writes poetry for employees of the college who have gone above and beyond to aid the college.

The Provost said, "Let there be Light." And appeared a person with shoes colored very bright.

Steve Light came to us an upbeat and positive man, To help us refocus and create a strategic plan.

At first it was hard to see Light at the end of the tunnel, But our new leader kept going like a true marathon runner.

A Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, He quickly learned from the Nutrition, Social Work & Nursing indoctrination.

We tried our best to give him a good chase, By starting quite quickly with a pie in his face.

But he's a gambling man from the Hoosier State, Who puts mostly vegetables on his dinner plate.

He challenged us all to eat well and be fit, Even cooking with the UND chef a Black-Bean Brownie hit.

The days went by quickly and the months passed by too, And now the reign has passed to Dean Gayle Roux.

So even though there will be a little less Light in this place, You did "Light Up Our Lives" in so many ways.

Now as you depart and ride off into the night, Thank you for being the Interim Dean and our guiding Light.