Jodi Bergland Holen receives Danley Professorship

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College of Education & Human Development


The College of Education & Human Development (EHD) is pleased to announce that Jodi Bergland Holen has been selected as the second recipient of the Elnora Danley Endowment Award. Dr. Bergland Holen, an associate professor in secondary education in the Teaching & Learning Department, will be establishing a participatory action research with teachers in several school districts around North Dakota during her Danley Professorship.

The Teacher Inquiry Project's purpose is to train a team of university faculty and public school teachers in the action research/inquiry process to:

  • Start a statewide network of people who are willing to inquire into their practice to better the learning of North Dakota students, and
  • Make improvements in their respective schools, and to the system as a whole.

Inquiry creates a space for teachers to think about and reflect upon the complexities of teaching and learning, and allows immediacy and data-driven findings to solve current school problems. Topics of concern to be studied are the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and the challenges associated with teaching and learning in oil field schools.

Jesse Rhoades, assistant professor of pedagogical kinesiology in the Kinesiology, Public Health Education Department. was the Danley Professorship's first recipient last year.

That research project examines student learning networks and emergent motor patterns within physical activity based learning environments. Specifically, Dr. Rhoades' research examines the evolution and co-evolution of motor patterns as a learning process between students within Physical Education. This research could play a great role in the development of new curricular models aimed at targeting student learning networks, increasing psychomotor learning within these educational environments.

The Danley Professorship Award was established in 2012, funded by a substantial testamentary gift from the estate of Elnora (Hopper) Danley. The Danley provides an award of $20,000 to support the research and scholarly activity of an EHD faculty member.