U.S. Children’s Bureau grants Department of Social Work $735,000

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News Article

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College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines


The University of North Dakota's Department of Social Work has received notice of a $735,000 award from the U.S. Children's Bureau to help ameliorate the severe child welfare workforce shortage in North Dakota communities affected by the oil boom. The Social Work Department Chair and the grant's Principal Investigator, Dr. Carenlee Barkdull, will work with her team to administer the 5-year award, which will recruit and provide stipends for 20-25 "Child Welfare Scholars" who, after a competitive application process, will receive tuition and other supports in return for working in designated child welfare agencies upon successful completion of social work degrees. The two principal partners in this project are one of the department's service units, the Children and Family Services Training Center, and North Dakota's Children and Family Services Division. The partnership, which will receive technical assistance from the Children's Bureau's National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWII), will also focus on improvements to child welfare training and curricula designed to improve child welfare workforce retention.

Team members include Carenlee Barkdull, Winonah Monette, Bruce Reeves, Melanie Sage, Carol Schneweis, and Patti Sele.

The College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines is thrilled that the Department of Social Work is able to secure funding for such important work. Thank you for your efforts, and congratulation on the award!