Thomasine Heitkamp Receives Faculty Achievement Award

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News Article

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College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines


This year's recipient of The UND Foundation/Thomas J. Clifford Faculty Achievement Award for Outstanding Faculty Development and Service was Thomasine Heitkamp, Professor of Social Work. This award honors a faculty member who draws on his or her professional expertise to serve the university, the profession, and/or the broader community in several of the following ways:

through academic citizenship activities such as advising of student groups; student and/or faculty mentoring; leadership in faculty governance; faculty development activity, etc.through professional/disciplinary service such as: leadership in professional organizations, serving as editor/reviewer for scholarly publications, consulting with other institutions on accreditation or program evaluation teams, etc.through community service such as providing creative or technical assistance to public and private organizations such as schools, governmental agencies, arts organizations, and/or social service agencies; making public presentations/performances for general community audiences; serving on community advisory boards, etc.

The College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines is proud to call Thomasine Heitkamp a member of our college. Her service to UND, our community, and beyond has been exemplary. Thank you Thomasine for all your efforts, and congratulations on the award!