UND to present visiting Chinese artist Hua Yuexiu and her ‘Paper-Cuts: Sanbian Folk Customs’ exhibition through April 3


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NOTE: The opening for Chinese artist Hua Yuexiu and her paper cutting art form ramps up tomorrow (Wednesday, April 2), at the Col. Eugene Myers Art Gallery at the Hughes Fine Arts Center on the UND campus. The exhibition was supposed to open on Monday but weather prevented that from happening. The exhibition of Hua's paper cuts is remarkable because of the scale of her works (two of which were very difficult to fit within UND's gallery because of their enormous sizes).

Chinese paper-cutting artist Hua Yuexiu will visit the University of North Dakota and exhibit her artworks through April 3.

The exhibition titled Hua Yuexiu's Paper-Cuts: Sanbian Folk Customs will be held at UND's Col. Eugene E. Myers Art Gallery of the Hughes Fine Arts Center, which is open from Monday through Thursday from 11:30 am to 4:30 p.m., and is free and open to the public.

"Installing an exhibition with such large paper cuts is a great challenge because some of them almost extend the entire length of the gallery," said Art Jones, chair of the UND Art & Design Department. "Another problem encountered with the installation involves how to protect the delicate paper cuts from getting damaged during the exhibition.

"While we want viewers to be able to see them at close range, we don't want anyone to touch them or accidently sneeze while facing them. Many of the paper cuts are much too large to frame under glass or place in cabinets. So, we have to figure out some quick creative solutions that are also cost effective--since the exhibit will only be up for four days. Rarely do opportunities arise in Grand Forks to see such incredible artworks from China."

A special free-of-charge public reception also will be held along with an additional gallery talk event as part of the the visiting artist's time at UND.

Free public parking will be available during the special events on April 3-4 to encourage non-University visitors from the community to attend. The exhibition project is intended to foster better knowledge and appreciation for cultural diversity within the Grand Forks region.

About the artist:

A native to Jingbian, Shaanxi providence in China, Hua Yuexiu works in the exquisite and gentle tradition of Sanbian paper cutting. Hua was designated as the Inheritor of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Shaanxi Providence in 2012. Her paper cuts are included in major museums in China, and the artist has received numerous awards in China as well as internationally. Many of Hua's works depict festive scenes and folk customs on a very large scale with incredible detail. The exhibition will include several monumental paper cuts by Hua. For example, Sanbian Wedding Customs, which is among the largest, measures about 20-feet long.

About the exhibition curator:

A native of Taiwan, Crystal Yang is an associate professor in UND's Department of Art & Design. In 2012, Yang received a UND Senate Scholarly Activities Committee Research Activity Grant to travel to China. While visiting Hua at her studio in the artist's hometown, Yang also became acquainted with the local lifestyle and customs. Yang requested and received funding from the North Dakota Humanities Council to provide partial support for the Hua exhibition.

Hua Yuexiu's visit is hosted by UND's Department of Art & Design and partially funded by the generous support of the Myers Foundations. The exhibition and its brochure are partially funded by the North Dakota Humanities Council.


What: "Hua Yuexiu's Paper-Cuts: Sanbian Folk Customs" exhibition

Who: Visiting Chinese artist Hua Yuexiu and exhibition curator UND Associate Professor Crystal Yang

When: March 31-April 3, 2014

Where: Col. Eugene E. Myers Art Gallery, Hughes Fine Arts Center, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks

Other events free and open to the public:

  • There will be a public reception and curator's presentation for Chinese visiting artist Hua Yuexiu, 4:30 p.m.-7 p.m., Wednesday, April 2, at the Myers Art Gallery, in the Hughes Fine Arts Center. This will include a paper-cutting demonstration.
  • A gallery talk is scheduled to take place at 12:15 p.m., Thursday, April 3
A brochure authored by Crystal Yang is also available at the exhibition.