Student of the Month: Jarrel Davis


Amanda Hvidsten

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University of North Dakota


Each month we feature a "Student of the Month" who accents different aspects of the UND experience. These unique, and perhaps inspiring, stories give us a glimpse into the personal perspectives and memorable moments of each student’s time at The University of North Dakota.

Jarrel Davis says that while having some fun to pump the crowd at UND football games he lost his name as Jarrel and became “the Get on Up guy.” What he also might be known as is Mr. Personality. The 6’1” senior from Miami, FL, came to UND on a scholarship from Santa Rosa Junior College in California, and he’s taken this North Dakota campus by storm.

While most people might just know about Jarrel’s abilities on the football field as a wide receiver, there’s a lot more to him than the game.

He’s sunk himself full-force into his sociology major –which he speaks about as passionately and confidently as he does sports. He chooses to use what he learns in the field to shape his personal life, over and above his professional one. Specifically, he talked to me about being interested in seeing how people think, and understanding how social labels and stigmas can make or break somebody. While not putting race ahead of all other characteristics, he believes that as a black man, having a better understanding of such things will help him navigate life.

Jarrel isn’t all serious, though. With almost the same enthusiasm as he has singing “Get on Up,” during a break in our interview he showed me all the different tattoos he has – everything from Martin Luther King Jr., to the sign of the Cross.

He’s eclectic and some might even call him dapper.

As grounded and calmly confident as any college student could hope to be, Jarrel has told his story not just here, but also at Sioux Booster events and during the sold-out Sioux-Per Gala this past April where he received a standing ovation from more than 400 people.

Jarrel Davis graduated this past May with his bachelor’s degree in sociology and plans to attend law school in the future.

Here’s to you, Jarrel.