Judith Roberts, UND Law School Class of '04, Creates Drug Rehabilitation Facility

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Former Attorney Creates Drug Rehabilitation Facility

An former defense attorney decided to bring something new to North Dakota, a sober living house.

After seeing the devastating effects of drug and alcohol addiction in court, she decided to do something about it.

As the finishing touches are put on a house in Bismarck, Judith Roberts can't wait until it homes new residents.

"It is a very close family living environment. It is supportive, plus it has a program they are required to do certain things for long term sobriety," says Judith Roberts.

Hope Manor is the first sober living home for women in the state. It will be able to house up to ten women at a time, and all residents are required to pull their own weight.

"This model of a sober living home gets the person to be self supportive. They have to work to get back into the community, volunteer, they're paying, they're contributing to the household and they are no longer going to be a burden on the community," says Roberts.

Roberts says after a lot of research and visiting sober homes in California, she had to mortgage her own home to put a down payment on the property. Word of the new resource got out, and people came from all over to pitch in, including and her husband, from Colorado Springs.

"It was really something that we needed to do, it worked out for us to be able to take the time off and come and just, you should be able to help wherever you can and especially where you're called to," says volunteer Lydia Westerlund.

Roberts filled seven spots in Hope Manor, and says she isn't sure what's next.

"So many people asking if they can come and also if we're going to do one for men, I don't know what the future holds we're going to open this one first," says Roberts.

Roberts says the support from the community has been overwhelming, and that all of the work and materials, from dishes to tv's have been donated.

Hope Manor will open on January 14 and will host an open house on the 18.