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We would like to thank all the faculty and staff in the Nursing department who participated in the Adopt-A-Resident program for Valley 4000 this year by buying Christmas presents, wrapping gifts, transporting gifts & distributing them to residents at the party. Darla Adams, Sharley Kurtz, Bridget Thompson and Darlene Hanson attended the Prairieview Christmas party on Tuesday the 17th and distributed the gifts to the residents who were elated and very grateful for what they received. Roxanne and Lucy also helped with gift wrapping and transport. Beth Toay made perfect little name tags for all the gifts.

Last night, we just loved hearing comments like "how did they know how to get exactly what I wanted?" and "this is perfect!" "Purple is my favorite color!" Gift selections were aided greatly by Prairieview staff who had identified what the needs & wants were for the residents.

Darlene Hanson was concerned that the Nursing Department would be able to meet all of the needs of the residents. "I was a little astounded with the success of this first-time challenge for us at the CNPD; frankly I was initially worried that we'd be able to take on so many names! But the names of those 27 residents were gone in such a flash that not everyone got a chance to participate – maybe next year you'll get a chance if you didn't do so this year!!

Valley's recreational staff plan on sending the College a few photos of the event, so keep an eye out for them on the website. Happy Holidays and thank you for blessing these folks with your gifts.