Round of Applause for Faculty


Sean Lee

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University of North Dakota


Finals week is often among the most stressful times for college students anywhere.

“Sometimes I think too much is expected from us [during finals],” said UND junior Kasey Schultz. “It’s a huge part of your grade ... I hate how the pressure is on.”

With a typical student having between three and five final exams, it can be a challenge to perform well. “It’s something that everyone anticipates every semester,” said junior Robyn Kemp. “Still, you end up putting it off and cramming at the last minute.”

Despite looming tests and exams, many students are thankful for quality teaching. “Nobody likes a boring classroom,” said Schultz, who identified Accounting Instructor Thomas Clement as her semester favorite. “[Clement] keeps the mood light,” she said. “He has a joke for everything.”

Political Science Assistant Professor Dana Harsell, known for his relaxed lecture style and friendly personality, was also a favorite of many students. “Harsell teaches what he loves,” said Herbie Kretzinger, a senior majoring in political science. “His door is always open and you always feel free to pop in and say hello.”

Harsell’s classes have always included a few recurring jokes. To prove his point about American bureaucracy, Harsell printed off an assignment on "T.P.S Reports" (complete with cover letters.) He also handed out “secret” documents before an in-class simulation, complete with wax seal.

Fred Remer is a hit in the Atmospheric Sciences department. Metrology can be a tough subject to teach, but Remer “keeps things interesting,” said sophomore Kevin Mahoney Jr. “He teaches the material well and always keeps his lectures upbeat.”

That did not excuse Mahoney from a long night of study. “[Remer’s] tests are very tough,” he said.

German Assistant Professor David Nelson is a favorite of sophomore Jessica Bruns. “He is a no-nonsense type of teacher,” said Bruns.

Communications senior Robert Jeffries mentioned Pulitzer Prize-winner Richard Aregood as exemplary to the University. “He doesn't feed me with useless textbook material,” Jeffries said. “Aregood gives us real life examples from his own experiences ... it makes him much more credible than just reading from the book.”

A time-tested tradition of college, finals will always challenge over-achievers and procrastinators alike. “It will be a relief when it’s over,” said Schultz. It's a good thing that as the semester winds down, a lot of students will receive last-minute support from those outstanding faculty.

A round of applause to all faculty, whether mentioned above or not. The dedication you have to educate us does not go unnoticed.