Student-Athlete of the Month: Chay Genoway


Amanda Hvidsten

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University of North Dakota


Each month we feature an "Athlete of the Month" who is making a name for themselves in their sport and in the classroom as well. These unique, and perhaps inspiring, stories give us a glimpse into the personal perspectives and memorable moments of each student’s time at The University of North Dakota.

Chay Genoway. The Genoway name has been in lights at UND ever since older brother Colby donned the Fighting Sioux jersey starting in 2002.

After his five years at UND (2006-2011), Chay Genoway made his own mark on the program, as a team captain, as a co-record holder for most career games (168), a four-time All-WCHA Player (first in team history), and as one of the top-scoring defensemen in program history.

But, he was just as good off the ice.

Chay spent a lot of his time in Grand Forks as a volunteer with Special Olympics, not out of any sort of requirement, but to simply make a difference. Because of this commitment, he led his team in community service hours. He was a finalist for the 2011 Lowe’s Senior Class Award, which recognizes senior student-athletes for excellence in community, the classroom, character, and in competition. He also graduated this May with a degree in management.

The Morden, Manitoba, Canada, native has a lot to look forward to after having signed with the NHL’s Minnesota Wild at the end of this past season. Especially for a guy who wasn’t sure he would make it to the elite level of college hockey.

Although he had an extra year on the team as a result of an injury his fourth year, as he describes in his interview with Lisa Persuitti-Huber of UND Athletics, his time at UND is cherished and it flew by in the blink of an eye.