UND’s 2013 Gershman/Ahler Distinguished Lecture in Qualitative Research to feature Dr. Jolley Bruce Christman, founder of ‘Research for Action,’ on Oct. 17


David L. Dodds

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College of Education & Human Development


What: University of North Dakota's 2013Gershman/Ahler Distinguished Lecture in Qualitative Research: "Getting Real About Conducting Qualitative Evaluations: What You Need to Know"

When: 3 p.m.-4 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 17.

Where: University of North Dakota College of Education and Human Development Building Room 7

Details: The 2013 Gershman/Ahler Distinguished Lecture in Qualitative Research will feature Jolley Bruce Christman, PH.D., founder of Research for Action (RFA). Christman is a nationally-recognized qualitative researcher and has led an extensive array of research and evaluation studies focused on:

  • urban high school reform
  • professional learning communities
  • the privatization of public education
  • civic engagement and school reform
  • evaluation methodology

This lecture will be helpful to professionals conducting evaluation work for projects and programs or those who plan to undertake a self- study.

Christman is an associate faculty at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education where she has taught qualitative approaches to program evaluation for two decades.

RFA bridges the worlds of research and educational policy and practice. For 20 years, its mission has been to conduct rigorous studies – qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods – designed to provide a broad range of educational stakeholders with the information they need to improve student outcomes and strengthen schools and communities.

About RFA:

RFA works with individuals and organizations at the local, state and national levels to promote educational reform that is effective, sustainable and equitable. RFA's work is guided by deeply held principles:

  • high quality education opportunities should be available to all, especially those traditionally disadvantaged by poverty and discrimination.
  • increasing democratic participation in education decisions because it is critical to successful, sustainable and publicly accountable school reform.
  • researchers, practitioners, community leaders, parents and students can learn from each other.
  • ensuring that RFA research is practical, contains actionable recommendations, and is accessible to all relevant stakeholders.

About the lecture series:

The Gershman/ Ahler Distinguished Lecture on Qualitative Research was founded in 2012 to honor Kathleen Gershman and Janet Ahler who were the two professors who brought qualitative research to UND in 1985. Currently, qualitative research is the fastest growing method of research conducted on campus