Road to Little Rock Documentary will Premiere September 23rd

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School of Law


The Grand Forks premiere of The Road to Little Rock, a documentary film directed by Art Phillips about the momentous decision of Judge Ronald Davies in Little Rock, Ark., in 1957, a year of heated racial tension, is set for 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 23, in the Chester Fritz Auditorium. The film also focuses on the nine African-American students who stood up to the forces of racism in Little Rock.

A discussion following the premier will feature Dr. Terence Roberts, one of the nine students.

According to the film's website, The Road to Little Rock tells the story of Ronald Davies, a UND alumnus and federal district judge from North Dakota, and nine African-American teenagers who demonstrated courage, honor, determination, and responsibility at a high school in Little Rock, Ark., in 1957. That year, many school districts continued to ignore the 1954 Supreme Court ruling of Brown v Board of Education which declared that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional. The story features a number of never-seen-before interviews with three members of the Little Rock Nine and Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. It blends interviews with archival footage and primary source documentation to tell the story of the events which led to the integration of Central High School.