Judge Joel D. Medd, Class of '75, Retires From Bench

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Judge Medd celebrated at retirement party in Grand Forks

North Dakota District Judge Joel Medd was feted Wednesday on his retirement as the longest-serving state judge on the bench. Medd, appointed in 1979 by Gov. Art Link, was elected to the position six times. His official retirement date is Sept 1.

A Vietnam War vet, Medd said he will continue as a surrogate judge, open to temporary assignments across the state, as well as "finishing up" a case or two.

Meanwhile, he's going fishing.

"We have a camper up on Lake of the Woods, so we are going to do some relaxing," he said, showing off the custom rod and reel he received, in the colors and logo of UND Sioux, as a retirement gift.

The full room of people attending his party included Eldon Ehrman, his best friend at Anamoose High School, and the Rev. William Sherman, the already retired priest who dug out the same benediction he used in 1979 at Medd's investiture.

"How's that for a filing system," Medd quoted Sherman. Both are history buffs who regularly take a walk at lunch time.

Among the many gifts was a poster of an photograph taken several years ago of a once local citizen, who picketed Medd for several days outside the courthouse, wearing a kangaroo suit with placards about a kangaroo court.

It still makes Medd laugh.