Letter from Matt Bakke and Grant Hauschild


Matt Bakke

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University of North Dakota


To the Faculty and Staff at the University of North Dakota:

As you may or may not know, as of Friday, April 1, 2011, we, Matt Bakke and Grant Hauschild, have completed our term as the Student Body President and Vice President of the University of North Dakota. During our time in office, we have met many challenges and witnessed and participated in many great moments, and it is a matter of great pride to us that throughout these challenges and great moments we have continued to collaborate with the university community and administration, while still advocating for students' interests in the most respectful fashion.

Many triumphs for the University of North Dakota occurred over the past year, all formulated to improve student life including:

We merged two old standing committees and created a new: the Student Organization Funding Agency, which has funded over $100,000 is its first year alone, bringing opportunities, diversity events, and entertainment to our institution.

The Student Government Constitution & Bylaws were revised to be as strong as possible.

Structure was re-established in the Student Government Office, and its continuance was ensured with the new establishment of a full time staffer position.

Greater face-to-face communication with students was facilitated by visiting all Greek chapters, Residence Halls, and many student organizations; communication further increased with the implementation of a text messaging service for student input.

A student discount program was created to provide incentives for students to shop and dine in the greater Grand Forks community.

We advocated and established the opportunity for students to put parking permits on financial aid.

We provided student input and testimony on state legislative bills that limited tuition and fee increases and made them more transparent by bringing a legislative study on financial aid distribution companies to our students.

We passed, approved, and had three hydration stations installed throughout the campus, which provides filtered water and promotes a greener campus.

The relationship between the University of North Dakota students with the city of Grand Forks and city government has been strengthened, reaching new heights of cooperation and mutual respect.

We help fund and run the Welcome Weekend Block Party at the beginning of the fall that was attended by over three thousand students.

We approved, Collegiate Link, a new web based system to enhance and assess student involvement opportunities.

The University Program Council presented over seventy events throughout the year, bringing social and educational opportunities to campus including the Tibetan Monks, co-sponsoring the Judy Sheppard lecture, and numerous bands and other performers. Over eleven thousand students, faculty, staff, and community members have attended events so far this year.

Finally, we rand an organized and planned transition at the end of our term.

We have enjoyed our time in office and would like to say thank you. Thank you to all of you for your guidance, assistance, and commitment to students. All of our triumphs are also your triumphs. This university is a special place to many, and it is all of you who make it so. We appreciate the support, discussions, and healthy debate that took place over the course of this past year. We feel strongly that even our disagreements have led to greater awareness of each other's positions and successes on all sides. This university is aware of the challenges that lie ahead, and we are hopeful that university community will rise to meet them and continue to strive for excellence in all facets.

As the university moves forward, we are confident that the new leadership of Student Government will be able to sustain the positive changes that we have facilitated and will continue to work in a collaborative fashion. More than anything, we look forward to the day we return as alumni and see how progressive and extraordinary the University of North Dakota has continued to be.

It has been a pleasure.


Matt Bakke

Student Body President

Grant Hauschild

Student Body Vice President